Aug 26, 2013

Sneaker VS Heel

 Are you a sneaker person or a high heels person? I’m both but depend on the situations. Speaking of casualties and comfort, I prefer sneaker but in term of elegance and beauty, I would choose high heel. But still, I’m amazed with individual who can wear high heel. Why? I’m always wondering, “Are they not experiencing pain wearing those?”, especially when I see one wearing extremely high heels. Although heel gives an illusion of longer and more slender leg, but it hurts my legs so much especially at the area of my ankle. I look beautiful and confident in heel but not for long, sigh!!
 I’m always envious seeing those who can wear heel for a long duration (I’m only last for not more than 15 minutes). Plus, heel offer various designs that caught your attention as well as others compared to sneaker and flat shoes.
 The ‘devil’ in me always arguing, tormenting and doubting my choice when it comes to footwear. I want to look beautiful but I do not feel comfy in high heel. I prefer sneaker but anxious about my appearance in it. Everything is conflicting!
 I think the conflict will end (?) after I bought Puma Faas 300 Narita. The shoe is very comfortable and stylish. It’s suitable for casual wear and sport activities. And I don’t care anymore of what people will say and most importantly the ‘devil’ in me about how I match the shoe with my outfit.

 My new Puma Faas 300 Narita in atlantis-blue-fluo yellow!!

Full view of the shoe.

Find it at your nearest Al-Ikhsan outlet.

Aug 18, 2013

Minion Love

I love minions...huhuhu...those yellow little creature are very cuuutee...especially the ones in the epic "I Swear Minion Version" video...
I thought I could own one of the minions offered by Mc'Donalds but all were sold out...
and because of desperate need of wanting + owning + possessing a minion...i finally get my personalized Samsung Galaxy Note 2 minion case...thank you so much City Jaya KB Mall for making my dream came true...the printing was nice and the price was it soooo muuuchh...the minion was printed on a metal plate ( actually I'm not quite sure the exact thing used for the plate) and pasted on a transparent case...
I'm very satisfied and recommended the store to all...

                   Cute, isn't it?

Aug 14, 2013

Book + Fashion Fiesta!!

i have stopped writing for quite some times because of Eid....mostly I've been busy with the prep for the Eid...I celebrated Eid at my husband's place, Terengganu...I love spending time there because of the environment (I think?) to be at the beach and feel the breeze...oh la la...
two days before Eid, I went shopping with my hubby...because both of my husband and I love to read, we like to pay a visit to the bookstore...while my hubby been busy choosing a jigsaw puzzle for his little sis, I saw a book which caught my attention, "Gaya Hijab Metropolitan Dian Pelangi" I went to the shelf and browsed through the book and immediately fall in love with it....they are no words except for pictures and I agreed with Dian's words,
"Buku ini lebih banyak gambar berbanding tulisan. Saya fokuskan kepada gambar kerana bagi saya setiap gambar ada cerita di sebaliknya"