Jul 31, 2013


Aloha people,
for to today, I'm going to share a simple trick for editing pictures to be uploaded in your blog...my husband taught me this trick when we were in the university...you don't need to install those editing tools, just use your POWER POINT that is already installed in your computer...OMG, are you kidding me? Nope...this is not a joke, it's real!

1. First you need to open your Microsoft Power Point. Click on "Insert" and then click "Picture".

2. After you inserted your picture, adjust it to your preference. Later, click on the "Insert" menu, click "Text Box". You do your typing in the "Text box" and again adjust the placement of the "Text Box", fonts, fonts size and etc to your liking.

3. After you finish with your wording and picture (s) and editing, highlight the whole slide and using right click menu, you click on "Group".

4. Finally, after you "Group" it, using the right click menu again click on "Save Picture As", a new window will pop up as usual asking you to name the picture and choose the format. Done!

Jul 30, 2013


I don't know what I should term for what I'm doing with my necklace and bracelets but I'm sure that it is a good way of utilizing what I have without spending too much money on accessories...
for simple look, I just wear the necklace on the first pic below with one of the bracelets...and if I want to look more classy and different, I just combine those two...easy, right? 
Try to mix and match your accessories and give them a new look...I got many questions from my friends and colleagues when I wear the bracelet-necklace, such as, "where do you get it?", "How much does it cost you?" and .....(they can never guess that it is a bracelet, hihihi)
I just answer their questions with a smile...

Jul 29, 2013

Affordable Fashion

hi, we meet again...this is my second entry and I would love to share my recent shopping experience...i can say that almost everybody are aware of fashion, right? Ladies especially (and of course i am included...ehehe) like to browse through the magazines and always having those jaw-opening moments looking at the fascinating and vibrant clothes... Deep down in our tiny heart we wish to have those kind of attire. But, another jaw-opening moment will occur after we look at the price tags...
I forgot who said this but I totally agree with that person, "Fashion will fade but not style" (very deep)
I love to look at how people style their clothes...and later I will adapt and adopt some of the style to fit with my comfort and of course my pocket...what I am trying to say is, don't be a fashion victim...just because that outfit is in season, you are willing to spend a lot of money just to own it...
I love shopping at Kenanga Wholesale City or for short KWC...and my favourite spot is MUSSO...why i like MUSSO so much? It offers various designs of clothes with super fine quality and affordable price...this brand is from Korea (I think, because the tag says MUSSO Korea)...the other reason why I prefer this brand is because the clothes are quite loose and fit with my body size (I am quite plump and sometimes it's quite hard to find clothes that can fit me well)...Most of my clothes are from that brand...
I forgot the name of my other favourite outlet at KWC, but I get a very pretty palazzo that just cost me RM25!(the first pic below)
who says that fashion can be pricey?

                  Palazzo, Unbranded, RM25

                     Palazzo, MUSSO, RM25

                     Palazzo, MUSSO, RM25

Jul 24, 2013

A Fresh Start...

I started blogging since 2009 because of a special person..I'm not good with words and prefer written words as a tool to communicate with that person...through my blog he is updated with my feelings and moods as well as my daily activities...I dislike discussing things using words and therefore he (which is currently my husband) suggested me to create a blog so that he can follow me whenever and where ever he is...

One fine day, he asked me about my blog which I totally forgot about it...Today is the day which i have free time to browse through this blog AGAIN...and found out that my last entry was in 2011 which was 2 years back...wohoooo!!!

I decided to delete all the entries starting from 2009 - 2011 and start anew...since my husband is far far away from me, he can follow me whenever and where ever he is, despite his tight and busy schedule...kikiki...

wish me luck dear!